Xinhua news agency APP released "Germany first, gather all your strength, see how this Zhejiang businessman fights" epidemic "! "

Release time:2020-03-04

A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak swept across the Chinese mainland at the beginning of 2020. It was a war without smoke, a campaign of universal concern and a total fight against the epidemic. Moral embellishment of people's hearts and boundless love. During the epidemic, Dehui group, executive vice president of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, fulfilled the social responsibility of "doing good to reach the world". The group worked together to donate money and materials for the front line of anti epidemic, supported the national anti epidemic prevention and control work with practical actions, and helped the party and government win the epidemic prevention and control Sniper War.

1、 Dehui people are warm-hearted and enthusiastic, delivering the "umbrella of white angels of war epidemic"

"Hello, does the product model meet the international medical standards? Is there any electronic qualification certificate? How long does it take to collect materials? What's the fastest delivery time? How soon will it arrive at home? "
"Thank you so much. You have to go to the factory again. We need all the existing protective clothing!"
"After the arrival of the goods, our colleagues will drive to pick them up. We will drive them to the hospital directly. Please give us a certificate! Thank you
This is the daily work of the members of Dehui medical materials procurement special group: communicating, collecting and confirming materials with international channel providers, manufacturing plants, international procurement volunteers and caring people, which is a daily work more than 20 days after the start of material procurement.
On January 31, on the seventh day of the lunar new year, chairman Qian Jinnai, who was still paying close attention to the progress of the domestic epidemic situation overseas, was informed of the comprehensive outbreak of the epidemic situation and the shortage of epidemic prevention materials, and then called the senior management of Dehui group to participate in the epidemic situation research and control meeting through teleconference. The group quickly established a material procurement group, which is responsible for the global procurement of anti epidemic medical materials for medical treatment in key epidemic areas in China Help.