Dehui group and "epidemic" sample: no layoffs, stable merchants, energy saving and resumption of business

Release time:2020-03-22



   "Under the epidemic situation, business operation will inevitably encounter difficulties, but the ways to deal with them will be different." On the eve of returning to business, Qian Jinnai, chairman of Dehui group, told reporters.
Dehui group, which has tens of thousands of businesses and employees, has stepped out of a "epidemic" mode of hard nuclear war in the face of the epidemic situation, without layoffs, stabilizing businesses and restoring business.
"No poor employee"
Dehui group was founded in 1985 by Qian Jinnai, a Zhejiang native. At present, Dehui group has become a large-scale industrial group integrating commerce and trade industry, logistics industry, science and technology industry ecological operation, industrial real estate and industrial chain financial services. The industry covers Xinjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities.
In January 31, 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak broke out. Xinjiang raised the level of epidemic prevention and control, and asked residents to take the initiative to isolate it. Just 26 days ago, Dehui group asked all businesses in Dehui center in Urumqi to suspend business, in addition to the supermarket business to ensure the supply of biological capital for the people, so as to avoid the spread of the epidemic. "After the Spring Festival, it is the peak of shopping flow. Facing the incomprehension of some businesses, middle and senior cadres of Dehui group give up rest on holidays, and issue a one door one policy, online help and guide business transformation for merchants." Wang Jian, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive vice president of Dehui group, told reporters.
Qian Jinnai, who was on a business trip in Singapore at that time, held the group's high-level epidemic research and control meeting via video and telephone, and set up a material procurement team to be responsible for the global procurement of anti epidemic medical supplies in short supply for medical emergency in key epidemic areas in China.
Wang Jian said that within 20 days, 30000 medical masks, 10000 goggles and protective clothing were purchased in batches from Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries, and they were transported back to China and delivered to designated treatment hospitals in Xinjiang, public security, community and inland treatment hospitals. In early February, the company also made a directional donation of 1 million yuan to Urumqi Red Cross Society to support the front-line public security police.
It is understood that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the group's senior and even some front-line employees have written a petition: request to take only the living expenses, and work together with the enterprise. Qian Jinnai's response is to reduce unnecessary expenses and minimize costs within the enterprise, but "no matter how poor you are, you can't poor your employees", no layoffs, no salary cuts. At the same time, in order to stabilize the market, merchants are required not to lay off staff.
"Merchants are the foundation of our development"
The merchants are isolated at home, but they can still work at home.
On January 31, Dehui group established a digital technology company based on the scientific and technological advantages of Shanghai company to cope with the impact of the epidemic on business operation.
At that time, Dehui group started the service merchant to help the merchant's all staff marketing. Employees contact the merchants with sales information, share it on the online platform, and deliver it by express delivery. Timely send, interpret and apply for the policies of stabilizing posts, benefiting enterprises and reducing taxes issued by Xinjiang. Help wholesalers to obtain low interest and mortgage-free loans for timely downstream procurement after resumption of business. "The merchant has obtained the downstream purchase information and prepared the purchase funds. After resumption of business, it will immediately enter the right track and reduce the waiting time." Wang Jian said.
It is reported that during the outbreak, Dehui group helped some merchants to reduce the rent and property fee.
Qian Jinnai said that saving merchants equals saving enterprises. "Merchants are the foundation of our development.".
"Adjust and upgrade to meet the release of consumption" frozen energy "
Turning into a crisis requires pain and more action to break through it.
Dehui center of 550000 square meters is the largest smart business district in Western China. In 2020, the brands in the business district are facing adjustment and upgrading. At present, Dehui marketing elite online and offline are communicating with the top ten brands in different fields and industries at home and abroad, hoping to improve the level of supply side and meet the demand of consumers for high-quality products.
After the successful resumption of business last year, Dehui's "May 1 star night market" has been expanded and upgraded this year. In addition to retaining the "comprehensive food area", it has also added "netred punch card area", "lighting show area", "Xinjiang good things area", "cultural and creative collection downtown area", "song and dance performance area", "roof lighting Stadium", "summer parent-child area", etc. Night market and related night economy of yako Meiju Hotel, Dehui Wanda Movie City, Mengchong paradise, book city and Internet cafe in Dehui center are integrated to build a new post station on the Silk Road and help to prosper Urumqi's "night economy".
Qian Jinnai said he firmly believed in the government's rapid control of the epidemic from the beginning. Now the gluing period of the epidemic has ended, and it has entered the period of economic recovery. "We are adjusting and upgrading to meet the release of consumption" freeze "
It is reported that Dehui group will resume operation on August 8 according to the local government's precise prevention and control arrangements by region and level.