Dehui "oil and electricity hybrid" new urban complex, with a total construction area of 550000 square meters, will be installed into "Joy City" after the transformation and upgrading of the wholesale market, to create a city smart business district integrating wholesale, retail, cultural tourism and community functions. The project includes baobab square, Dehui Wanda Square, Wuyi Xingguang night market, Dehui Xiaole Mengchong paradise and other business formats, with 750 wholesale businesses, 450 retail customers, 100 industry business association communities, and 150000 member fans. It is the largest urban complex in Xinjiang and the second largest in the West.

In response to market changes, Dehui group innovated and transformed, and comprehensively implemented the development strategy of "link and coordination". Dehui center has transformed and upgraded to a new type of commercial and cultural city complex of "wholesale and retail + cultural and creative tourism (may day star night market, Mengchong paradise, Xinjiang Haowu Festival, HaoWu Castle) + community platform + digital technology". In 2018, the passenger flow reached 17.9 million, and in 2019, the passenger flow exceeded 20.46 million.

Dehui Center

The Dehui Center is the second generation of the ecological operation of the business travel cultural industry polished by the core of the Dehui Group. For 35 years, Dehui Center has been dedicated to empowering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. On the day of opening, the passenger flow exceeded 197,000, in 17.9 million in 2018, and in 20.46 million in 2019.
Partial floor plan of Dehui Center:

Dehui Baby Plaza

Dehui Baby Plaza is the largest professional maternal and child square in the western region. Bringing together rich formats of children's clothing, children's shoes, baby carriages, toys, pregnancy, infants, amusement, early education, pre-school education, school-age education, professional class education, specialty training, skill training, etc., successfully transformed from the traditional wholesale market to "wholesale group purchase, licensed genuine A new business model of "the same price for cats, one day delivery".
Dehui Wuyi Star Night Market

The newly launched "May Day Starlight Night Market" covers a total area of 6,000 square meters. It is a new landmark of the shopping mall food theme "punch" that integrates creative markets, good food in Xinjiang, authentic food, leisure and entertainment, and a leader in the night economy. . On the day of opening, the highest passenger flow was 160,000, and the opening was twice on the CCTV news network.
Dehui Xinjiang Goodies

In order to help the poverty alleviation of the industry in southern Xinjiang and the strategy of boosting tourism through tourism, Dehui builds the Xinjiang Goods Industry Chain of "Good Things Industry Incubation Center + Good Things Castle + International Logistics Park", professionally develops and operates "Xinjiang Good Things", and strives to build Xinjiang Good Things Create a brand.
Dehui Consumers Fun Meng Chong Paradise

The main theme of "Zoo Theme Reality + Interactive Experience" is the main theme of "Zhongming Lemeng Pet Paradise", which was created by Dehui's leading brand BOBOZOO and the national top-level IP Xiaole Lemeng Group. Nearly one hundred species, thousands of real animals in sea, land and air, living in ecological areas with different themes, can directly contact with tourists, interact at zero distance, face-to-face communication, and are deeply loved by consumers.